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How to Begin. The Beach

It may have been a big step for you to have contacted me. You may have preferred to solve your own problems, but sometimes these can be so overwhelming, confusing, painful or just plain incomprehensible that you need some help. At the first session, we may both feel a little nervous at meeting a stranger we hope to connect with.
 I will listen to you with respect and empathy, without judgement, and allow you to go at your own pace. Together we will aim to make some emotional sense of what is at the root of your painful or confusing feelings. The first session is there to decide whether I think I can help you, and whether you feel heard, safe, and able to trust the process that we have started. 
Sometimes short term therapy can make a dramatic difference. However, deep seated problems may stem from the unconscious ways we are perceiving life and ourselves; patterns formed in childhood. Often you know rationally that your behaviour or thoughts are not helping you, but can't stop them. For such problems we may need a longer process, in which together we can begin to make emotional sense of such irrational thoughts, and slowly change the unconscious patterns. I have experience with such processes and I trust in it. 


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